Donate for Democracy

NOPE Neighbors raises money for Democratic candidates and organizations that are working to protect our democracy. Active fundraising campaigns are described below. Click on the blue buttons to go directly to our fundraising links. For additional information about our fundraising approach please visit Red to Blue: Fundraising.

NOPE’s Democratic Dozen. NOPE’s 2019 priority is to flip the Virginia House of Delegates (HoD) and Senate from Red to Blue. This requires flipping just two seats in each body. Join us in donating to our Democratic Dozen - 10 candidates for the HoD and 2 candidates for the Senate.

Fair Fight Action, led by Stacey Abrams, is working to make sure that every citizen has the opportunity to vote in Georgia. It promotes fair elections in the state, provides voter education and outreach, engages in targeted voter registration, and lobbies the state legislature to support election reforms. Combating voter suppression in Georgia is critical to flipping the Senate in 2020.

DC Vote coordinates with other local and national organizations to fight for statehood for the District of Columbia. More than 700,000 people, about 48% of whom are African-American, live in DC. While residents fulfill all the obligations of U.S. citizenship, we have no representation in Congress. This is an issue of voter suppression and racial injustice.

CASA in Action is the Mid-Atlantic region's largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights. In Virginia, the organization mobilizes people in Latino communities and other communities of color to vote. It also supports the Democratic congressional delegation in Virginia and seeks to flip toss-up congressional seats.