red to blue

NOPE! is sponsoring a fundraising “race” to support progressive Virginia House of Delegate candidates who are running hard, day in and day out, to uphold our democracy by winning seats in the upcoming 2017 election. (No sneakers required!)

During Phase 1 of Race for Democracy, we raised more than $37,000 for eight progressive democratic candidates. Phase 2 of Race for Democracy is now underway. Our goal is to raise another $15,000 by October 15. Join us today by logging into the Race for Democracy website. From there you can donate to a pool of candidates or select your preferred candidate(s). You can also create your own fundraising page, set your own fundraising goal, and ask your friends to donate in your name or for your resistance group.

Read on for more information or go to Race for Democracy now!

who is race for democracy?

We are committed individuals and groups that are interested in using a creative, alternative approach to raising much needed funds for VA Delegate candidates.  Groups include Nope Neighbors, Huddle for the Future, Swing Left 31st Street, EveryDistrict, and others. 

why virginia now?

Virginia is one of the two states with states elections this year (the other is NJ).  Currently, VA has a Democratic Governor, but the GOP controls the State Senate and House of Delegates. In national and statewide elections, VA votes Blue for Hillary Clinton, Gov. McAuliffe, and Sens. Warner and Kaine,  but in Congressional and state legislative races VA runs Red. This November all eyes turn to VA, a Purple state that could be Blue with enough strategic attention and dollars.  

Generously supporting VA delegate candidates NOW will help flip the state legislature, which helps to flip Congress (state legislatures draw Congressional district lines after the 2020 census), which allows progressive values to determine Federal policy and how the $4.1 trillion federal budget is spent. It starts here, now, and with you.

where will my donation go?





In August and September, Race for Democracy raised more than $37,000. This money has been donated to eight of the candidates shown below.  It isn't too late to contribute!!  We have started phase 2 of Race for Democracy. You can make a contribution to our Pooled Fund for VA Delegate candidates. Your contribution will be given to 5 to 10 well-vetted candidates who are most electable and running for contested seats. Or you can give directly to one of the 25 Democratic, progressive candidates running in 2017. At the end of October, we will donate significant funds to the candidates we select based on targeting criteria. Learn more about some of the VA Delegate candidates who will be among those we might support:


Candidates Pictured Above:

Donica Roem, Donte Tanner, Hala Ayala, John Bell, Debra Rodman

Cheryl Turpin, Kathy Tran, Wendy Gooditis, Elizabeth Guzman, David Reid

Jennifer Carroll Foy, Willie Randall, Lee Carter, Schuyler VanValkenburg

Paid for by EveryDistrict. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.