Red to Blue: Postcards

Why is Postcard Writing Important?


Writing postcards is a fun and easy way to support progressive candidates by helping to get out the vote and encourage voter registration. Postcard parties offer a social setting that connects people to each other and draws them to NOPE meetings. We think of it as Sharpie therapy!

There is limited research on the effect of postcard writing on getting out the vote or on voter registration. One recent study found that handwritten postcards sent after the receipt of voter registration materials had a significant positive impact on the odds that a person would return their materials. Another study concluded that personalized messages are more effective in mobilizing voters than impersonal approaches such as mass emails and robo calls. Similarly, candidates have provided anecdotal evidence that their voters appreciate the creative, hand-written postcards they have received.

And…writing postcards is one of many ways that we as American citizens can participate in our democratic process. Given the close races we’ve seen in Virginia and other states, if writing postcards convinces one person to vote, then that can make the difference in an election!

What is NOPE Doing?


During election seasons, NOPE organizes postcard parties and provides opportunities at our monthly meetings to write postcards. Our next major postcard-writing actions will be this fall in anticipation of the November 2019 elections for Virginia House of Delegates and state Senate candidates. Watch this space!

What Can you Do?

Visit this webpage for updated information on NOPE postcard parties. Contact us to receive emails about upcoming postcard opportunities.

our Accomplishments

In 2018, NOPE members wrote and mailed more than 3,500 postcards and letters to get out the vote for candidates in Virginia (Elaine Luria, Abigail Spanberger, Vangie Williams), the District of Columbia (Elissa Silverman), and other states.


The following articles describe some of the potential impacts of postcard writing on getting out the vote and voter registration:

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