red to blue:  overview

NOPE Neighbors' cornerstone activity is to help flip the country from Republican Red to Democratic Blue by getting involved in local, state, and federal elections. We are raising funds for progressive candidates, knocking on doors for elections in nearby states, writing postcards, making phone calls, and asking our friends and relatives to get involved in key elections in their states. 

For more information about NOPE’s actions and how you can help, check out the following pages:

Fundraising: NOPE’s Giving Circle raises money for “reach” candidates in tougher districts, rather than those considered more likely to win, and candidates for whom additional funding will have the most impact. When possible, we target candidates running in districts with races at multiple levels (e.g., local, state, federal) to help them run on each others’ coattails. In 2019, NOPE is returning to the Virginia state legislative races to continue what we began in 2017 - to flip the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate from Red to Blue. Later in 2019 we will turn to the 2020 Congressional and Presidential elections. Click on these links for additional information on our current fundraising actions and accomplishments.

Canvassing: We provide “concierge” canvassing: we make it easy for volunteers to canvas by selecting candidates and locations, arranging carpools, pairing new canvassers with more experienced peers, and ensuring that training is provided at canvassing launch sites.

Postcards: Writing postcards is a fun and easy way to support good candidates, help get out the vote, and encourage voter registration. During election seasons, NOPE organizes postcard parties and provides opportunities at our monthly meetings to write postcards.

Voter Access and Empowerment: Voter suppression is a widespread and recurring problem in the United States. NOPE is raising money for groups dedicated to advancing democracy by ensuring free and fair elections for all Americans. Learn how you can donate to Stacey Abram’s Fair Fight Action (promoting fair elections in Georgia), DC Vote (for DC statehood), and CASA in Action (for voter empowerment in Virginia).

Marches: We publicize the frequent protests and rallies that are held in Lafayette Park, the White House, and at the Capitol, as well as larger national marches such as the March for Science, the People’s Climate March, and the March for our Lives.

Our Accomplishments: In 2017 and 2018, we raised more than $300,000 for 16 House of Representative candidates (10 of our candidates won!) and 8 Senate candidates in the 2018 mid-term elections and 11 Virginia House of Delegates candidates in the Virginia 2017 state elections (9 of our candidates won!). More than 100 NOPE members canvassed door-to-door in Virginia during the midterm elections for a total of 14 canvassing days. And we mailed over 3,500 postcards and letters to get out the vote for candidates in VA, DC, and other states.