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Comet Ping Pong and Vice President-Elect Pence Create News in Chevy Chase DC - NOPE Responds

Chevy Chase DC neighbors flew more than 300 rainbow flags as a peaceful protest to Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s LGBT policies….and asked him to show his support for Comet Ping Pong.

Chevy Chase DC neighbors flew more than 300 rainbow flags as a peaceful protest to Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s LGBT policies….and asked him to show his support for Comet Ping Pong.

Chevy Chase D.C. became a hotbed of protest immediately after the 2016 Inauguration. Two events occurred just as NOPE Neighbors was forming. In early December, a bizarre conspiracy theory was circulating on right wing social media that our neighborhood pizzeria – Comet Ping Pong – was the headquarters of a child sex trafficking ring run by Hillary Clinton. Soon, a North Carolina man claiming he wanted to “self-investigate,” entered the restaurant and fired a gun. In response, NOPE posted an open letter on the blogging platform Medium asking Pence to dine with us at Comet to “help bring an end to this madness through the simple act of breaking bread.” See NOPE’s Invitation to Vice-President Elect Pence.

We never got a response from Pence, but our actions resulted in coverage by the New York Times and growing interest in our group from neighbors. See Mike Pence Is Invited to Dine at Pizzeria at Center of Fake News Barrage.

At about the same time (November 2016), Vice President-elect Mike Pence and his family moved to a house on Tennyson Street in our Chevy Chase neighborhood. Joanna Pratt (now co-leader of NOPE Neighbors) and her husband, Steve Samuels, asked their Tennyson Street neighbors to join them in welcoming Pence by flying rainbow pride flags from their houses. The local, national, and even international media quickly picked up on this peaceful protest against Pence’s hateful LGBT policies and for tolerance and coexistence. Joanna and her neighbors provided lots of interviews…some of our favorites are listed below:

Washington Post: Why we’ll miss having Mike Pence as a neighbor, 1/20/2017

Washington Post: In Mr. Pence’s new D.C. neighborhood, not exactly the welcome wagon, 12/3/2016

Channel 7 News, WJLA: Vice President-elect Pence temporarily moves into Northwest Washington neighborhood, 11/24/2016

Channel 7 News, WJLA: Pride flags pop up in VP-elect Pence's temporary Northwest D.C. neighborhood, 11/30/2016

CNN: Pence's Neighbors Fly Rainbow Flags 12/1/2016 (a video with music)

The Kojo Nnamdi Show: Chevy Chase Reacts To New Neighbor, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, 12/6/2016

NBC Out and NBC News: Pence’s new neighbors want to change his mind about LGBTQ Rights, 12/1/2016

In case you haven’t had your fill, here are additional stories that were published between November 2016 and January 2017, when Pence moved to his Naval Observatory residence. Be sure to take a look at the stories about the queer dance party, where the LGBT community and Pence’s neighbors said goodbye to Pence just before the Inauguration.

Chicago Tribune: Mike Pence’s new DC neighbors greet him with rainbow flags, 12/1/2016

CNN: Mike Pence's new neighbors put up LGBT pride flags in protest, 12/1/2016

Daily Caller News Foundation (our only conservative press): Liberal DC Neighborhood Greets Pence Move-in With Rainbow Flag Protests, 12/4/2016

Daily News - Greensburg, IN: Pence's D.C. Neighbors Have a Message for Him, 12/13/2016

dcist: Rainbow Flags Are Going Up In Mike Pence's New D.C. Neighborhood, 12/1/2016

From Hungary, 12/2/2016

George Takei: Link on his Facebook page, 12/3/2016

Historic Chevy Chase DC: Various articles on Pizza Gate and Rainbow Flags, 1/17/2017

Huffington Post: Mike Pence’s Neighbors Are Trolling Him With Rainbow Flags, 12/1/2016

LA Times: Mike Pence's temporary neighbors in Washington silently protest against him with LGBT pride flags

NBC4: Pence Welcomed to DC Neighborhood With Gay-Pride Flags, 12/2/2016

New York Magazine: Mike Pence’s New Neighbors Put Up Pride Flags When he Moved in, 12/1/2016

On Top Magazine: Mike Pence's DC Neighbors Welcome Him With Rainbow Flags, 12/2/2016

Politico: Pence’s neighbors troll him with flags, 12/1/2016 V.P.-Elect Mike Pence Spends $6K a Month to Rent Modest Colonial Near DC, 12/1/2016

Reuters Interview, picked up by the Malay Mail: Pence's new neighbors hang rainbow LGBT pride flags in protest, 12/3/2016

Salon: Mike Pence’s Washington neighbors fly gay pride flags in protest, 12/1/2016

Stern: So ärgern Nachbarn den künftigen US-Vizepräsidenten Mike Pence, 12/3/2016

The Christian Science Monitor: Why several neighbors in Washington, D.C. are raising rainbow flags, 12/4/2016

The Washington Post: Queer Dance Party Shakes and Shimmies to Send a Message to Mike Pence, 1/18/2017

Queer Dance Party for Mike Pence, January 18, 2017.

Queer Dance Party for Mike Pence, January 18, 2017.