Why is Neighbors Rising Important?


After the 2016 election, many of us signed petitions, marched, met, and donated to political causes. At the same time, we recognized a void in our efforts. That void was the need to provide direct care and attention to our neighbors who are made vulnerable by anti-immigrant and “anti-other” speech, actions, and policy proposals. We needed assurance, for our immigrant neighbors and ourselves, that our DC-MD metro area is a community that cares for and capably stands up for its neighbors.

NOPE Neighbors works with Neighbors Rising to provide needed support to our immigrant neighbors.

What is Neighbors Rising Doing?

Neighbors Rising promotes our community’s embrace and support for low-income neighbors made more vulnerable by the increase of anti-immigrant and anti-other sentiments. Our first focus is on our Latin American and Indigenous immigrant neighbors experiencing life within a vulnerable immigrant context.

What Can You Do?

  1. Support our local nonprofit partners who are provide expert and effective services to our immigrant neighbors in need of help and community embrace. We partner with Identity and the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC). Both organizations have excellent track records for their programs and management.

  2. Donate your time, skills, connections, funds, supplies, and local advocacy. All proceeds go directly to our nonprofit partners.

  3. Demonstrate our strong community fabric with neighbors rising for neighbors by joining the Neighbors Rising listserv via our website. You will receive periodic notices about how neighbors can rise together. We’re on Facebook too.

Our Accomplishments

Our community has come together through Neighbors Rising and our partners to:

  • Donate books and soccer equipment to after-school programs

  • Raise general support funds through listserv requests and house parties

  • Cook and deliver Thanksgiving meals to Identity’s disconnected youth

  • Contribute funds for out-of-pocket medical bills

  • Supply grocery store and restaurant gift cards

  • Donate supplies to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

  • Contribute funds to cover 3 asylum visas, allowing a family to stay together and to stay in our country and community

  • Supply 30 sleeping bags for use by youth development outdoor retreats

  • Establish Young Neighbors Rising for young adult neighbors to rise together

  • Remind our partners and immigrant neighbors that their community supports them and wants them here.