DC, Md, & VA resources & activism


Local residents in DC, Maryland, and Virginia have formed a variety of organizations to resist the new administration, and are posting their ideas about how DC residents can take action. Whenever possible, NOPE! will learn from, coordinate with, and join forces with these groups. Let us know about other groups and resources to add to this list.

  • Americans for Self-RuleThis non-profit Political Action Committee was founded to protect the democratic will of D.C. residents from Congressional overreach and to promote the District’s right to independent, democratic self-governance. Activities include: raising awareness of Congressional meddling in DC’s democracy, organizing and activism with like-minded groups, supporting our Congressional advocates, and opposing those in Congress who oppose the democratic will of DC residents 
  • Daily Action. Receive a daily text with a script for your daily resistance action - sent from a local Capitol Hill mom. See the Washington Post article about her work.
  • DC Values Playbook. Created by the DC mayor’s office, this document describes the ways the federal government can interfere with DC affairs through the legislative and budgetary processes.
  • Indivisible MOCO (Montgomery County). This local group has registered with Indivisible. Check their website for more information.
  • Indivisible Bethesda-Chevy Chase DC and Maryland. This local group has registered with Indivisible. Check their Facebook page for more information.
  • J Walkers Action Group.  Based in Montgomery County, Maryland, J Walkers is dedicated to electing Democrats to office throughout the country while creating engaging in-person and virtual opportunities for action-oriented volunteers to participate in grassroots democracy. The group specializes in phone banking, canvassing, and voter contact activities.
  • Neighbors Combating Climate Change.  This neighborhood group is located in Cathedral Heights, D.C.  Their mission statement is:  We are committed to informing ourselves and our communities regarding climate change and other environmental challenges we all face. We seek to engage our communities both locally and nationally in progressive and beneficial ways regarding these environmental and climate challenges.  Contact:  Holly Pollinger at holpollinger@comcast.net. 
  • Neighbors Rising.  This local group supports low-income neighbors who have been made more vulnerable by the increase of anti-immigrant and anti-other sentiments.  The group: (1) supports partner organizations that are improving the lives of  immigrant families and (2) facilitates collaborative giving in the DC-MD metro area.  Specific services include: conducting house parties for friends and neighbors to learn about how partner organizations help people in need; promoting donation drives, and making Listserv announcements about events and opportunities to help immigrant neighbors. 
  • Network NoVA.  Network NoVA's mission is to connect with others in Northern Virginia and beyond for the purpose of promoting the democratic values of equality, justice and human rights. Its June 23 2018 Women's Summit will be a strategy planning and team building event for women and men leading the grassroots initiatives in Virginia. 
  • Other Indivisible Groups. Many other local groups in the DMV have registered with Indivisible. Some may be more active than others, but we should stand together whenever possible.
  • Resistance without Representation: How to Fight the Trump Agenda when you live in DC.  A list of actions DC residents can take. This posting is from the website, 730 DC, connecting Washingtonians to their city, to their communities, and to one another.
  • Takoma Park Mobilization. Neighbors working together to engage the community and take specific action to support ALL our neighbors. Working Groups have formed on: Immigrants’ rights, Economic Inequality & Economic Justice, Rapid Response Team, Environment, Women’s March, Health Care, Electoral/Constitutional, Breaking Bread Together Dinners, LGBTQ, Education & Training (and subgroup on Anti-Racism work, Equity and Inclusion Training).
  • Together We Will (TWW). This grassroots civic engagement organization gets people involved in local governance and drives progressive engagement at all levels. TWW programs support and enable grassroots activism and local grassroots groups, including sponsoring local group events and initiatives, fundraising and supporting candidates, and lobbying for progressive initiatives. TWW Virginia  promotes forward-thinking policies on the Federal, state and local level, and organizes action on the ground in Northern Virginia.
  • We of Action Virginia (WofA). An Indivisible/Women’s March group and movement for change, WofA was founded by a teacher on November 9, 2016. They are committed to advocating for a just and impartial government, respecting the separation of powers, and upholding civil rights and liberties.  Their mission is to empower advocacy, promote fair elections, improve voter participation, engage in productive dialogue, and support the pursuit of justice and tolerance. Also visit their Facebook page.