local Actions: overview

NOPE members are proud and active residents of the nation’s capital who live in Washington D.C. and in the Maryland, and Virginia suburbs. However, we recognize the many social and racial injustices in our local area that threaten our African American, Latin American, Indigenous, and immigrant neighbors, and our democracy. NOPE is taking action on these local issues by:

  • Working for DC Statehood. Over 700,000 people live in DC – more than the populations of Vermont and Wyoming. And yet we do not have representation in Congress. Nope is working with DC Vote and other organizations to help make DC the 51st state.

  • Delivering constituent letters to Congress. Although NOPE members who live in DC do not have our own Representatives or Senators, we can use our proximity to Capitol Hill to our advantage. We partner with Herd on the Hill to personally deliver letters from constituents around the country to their Members of Congress in DC. It’s quicker and makes a greater impact than using the U.S. Postal Service!

  • Supporting Latin American and Indigenous Immigrants. Our partner organization, Neighbors Rising, coordinates with local organizations to provide funding and supplies to our low-income neighbors who are coming more vulnerable because of the increase of anti-immigrant and anti-other sentiments.

  • Working for racial justice. Our partner organization, DC Neighbors for Racial Justice, is committed to both educating ourselves and taking action on issues such as the racist criminal justice system, gentrification, lack of affordable housing, gun violence, and the overall inequality of opportunity in our city. (Coming soon.)