RED TO BLUE:  Key Virginia Legislature RACES

 31st Street Swing Left, a local political action group in our neighborhood, conducts research on state and Congressional political races and identifies progressive candidates in races that are key to flipping from Red to Blue.  

Here is their list of 23 key Democratic candidates for Virginia House of Delegates and Senate. The spreadsheet provides links to videos and information on the candidates’ opponents, D vs R voting percentages in their districts, cash on hand, and money raised. The information on this sheet will also help you be an informed political donor as you wade through the endless email appeals in your inbox!  

Our NOPE strategy is to support "reach" candidates, where additional funding will have the most impact. This is the same strategy we used to target our giving in the 2017 Virginia House of Delegates election, where we helped flip 15 seats. Learn more about Democratic Dozen - 10 candidates for the VA House of Delegates and 2 state Senate candidates - who NOPE is supporting.

Please donate to our Democratic Dozen here.