Local Actions - Herd on the Hill

Why is Herd on the Important?

NOPE Neighbors joins Herd on the Hill in carrying letters from constituents across the U.S. to their Representatives and Senators.

Here is what Herd on the Hill says about their mission and why it is so essential:

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump, millions of citizens have been trying to access their Members of Congress (MOCs) through the usual methods: phone calls, letters, district office visits, and town halls. “Trying” is the operative word: every day we hear from countless folks that their members’ phone lines are jammed, voice mail boxes full, office doors locked and town halls gone unscheduled, cancelled, scaled back or shifted to pre-screened audiences only.

We live and work near Congressional offices. We cut through the barriers by visiting MOCs’ offices on Capitol Hill to talk to the senators’ and representatives’ staffs on behalf of these frustrated constituents.

Citizens are agitating for new ways to amplify their messages, tell their stories and request responses from their elected officials. Herd on the Hill facilitates connections between constituents and MOCs and their DC office staff, who handle most of the policy issues about which constituents have views.

Delivering constituent letters to Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)

Delivering constituent letters to Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)

What is Herd on the Hill Doing?

Members of NOPE Neighbors and other Herd on the Hill volunteers deliver constituents’ petitions and letters to their MOCs. They discuss the issues with policy staff, facilitate phone calls and video chats between constituents and policy staff, and conduct large-scale campaigns designed for media impact. Herd on the Hill organizes trips to Congress frequently whenever Congress is in session. NOPE will keep you informed of the details if you want to volunteer.

What Can you DO?

Volunteer! If you’re interested in herding, please contact our NOPE liaison, Betty Hawks at bettyhawks@gmail.com.

NOPE members living in DC, well aware of our disenfranchisement, can rise to the challenge of NOPE’s exciting new DC Statehood initiative by volunteering with Herd on the Hill. In addition to being a voice for people outside DC, when we deliver constituent letters to their MOCs we remind staffers of DC’s lack of representation and the need for their members’ support of statehood. We also take photos and make occasional videos that publicize Herd on the Hill deliveries on social media.

Our Accomplishments

Nope members have made many trips to Congress in 2019 to deliver constituent letters to both Democratic and Republican Representatives and Senators and to speak out for DC statehood.

Delivering letters and shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day

Delivering letters and shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day

Constituent letters have covered topics such as immigration, women’s reproductive health rights, climate change and environmental protection, gun safety, and holding #45 accountable. On St. Patrick’s Day, NOPE joined other Herders to deliver more than 110 constituent letters and shamrock messages to Senators Cotton (AK), Bennet (CO), Gardner (CO), Ernst (IA), Rubio (FL), Isakson (GA), McConnell (KY), Paul (KY), Gillibrand (NY), Portman (OH), Kennedy (LA), Burr (NC), Casey (PA), Toomey (PA), Scott (FL), Cruz (TX), Lee (UT), Romney* (UT), and Murray (WA). The NON-'emergency’ wall was a key constituent concern in these letters.