NOPE Meeting - Monday, August 27, 2018



6:00 - 7:00  Postcards for  Vangie Williams, running to represent Virginia's 1st congressional district 

7:00 - 7:15   Canvassing mini training - how-tos for novices and helpful hints for veterans

7:15 - 7:45   NOPE Neighbors Giving Circle update 

7:45  - 7:50  Neighbors Rising &  Racial Justice 

7:50 - 8:10   Council member Elissa Silverman will tell us about her vision for DC & re-election campaign 

8:15 - 8:30   Skype with Aftab Pureval,  running to represent Ohio's flippable 1st congressional district and a NOPE Neighbors  supported candidate 

8:30 - 9:00   More postcards for Vangie

LInks to Meeting Handouts:  


Save Our Democracy Candidates - Please give now, here's the link.  

Our Nope Neighbors Kitchen Cabinet has selected 4 outstanding candidates for us to support now through the end of September: Abby Finkenaur, IA1; Aftab Pureval, OH1; Danny O'Connor, OH12; and Colin Allred, TX32.  We recommend these candidates because they are in flippable districts where our donations can make a difference now. The 4 candidates we are supporting met one or more of the following criteria:  they are running against a particularly notorious Freedom Caucus member or a notorious Republican leader; they are running in a district that overlaps with state legislative districts that if won, could help flip the state legislature; and they have shown a commitment to advancing science and truth.  Here's a link to a one-page description of the 4 candidates. Please give now to our Save Our Democracy candidates at this link.  Your single donation will be divided among the 4 candidates so please donate accordingly. 

NOPE Neighbors' Complete Slate of Candidates - $84,000 to 10 Candidates  

Here's the complete slate of candidates Nope Neighbors has supported to date - LINK All the candidates are running strong races and need your support.  If you have not given yet please consider giving now - donation links are included here  Mid-term elections are less than 75 days away.  The time to give generously is now. For our candidates, for our democracy.  

Best US House Races - Be An Informed Political Consumer

Here's the link to the complete list of US House seats that we believe are flippable. The list has been compiled by Jim Shelton whose data we worked with in our winning Virginia 2017 efforts. The strategy is to support candidates where additional money would be most helpful now. To date, NOPE has supported 10 candidate who are highlighted on the list including our 4 current Save Our Democracy candidates. We encourage you to support these NOPE candidates as well as make wise decisions in donating to the many other worthy candidates running this cycle. 

Canvassing - The Big Push, So Many Doors, So Little Time

Here's a list of upcoming canvasses that are being organized by J Walkers Action Group, Swing Left 31st Street, and Virginia Democrats Forward. What candidates want most from volunteers - canvassing and fundraising. And canvassing is not just hard work, you can still have fun in the sun at the Beach and Canvassing Weekend for Elaine Luria in Virginia Beach - Sept. 8 - 9. For details check see the attached flyer.             

Canvassing Training and Pot Luck -  Delicious Dining and Delving into the Delights of Door Knocking - Thurs., Sept. 13, 6:30

For those considering canvassing, you can learn how to get over the fear of door knocking.  For veteran canvassers you'll learn how to fine-tune your knocks to be most effective. These are going to be close elections and every vote will matter.  Veteran and master canvasser, Laurie Welch with J Walkers Action Group, will lead our training.  To RSVP, let Carol Krafka, ck.2018canvass@gmail, know that you plan to attend.  Dinner at 6:30, training from 7:00 - 8:00.  Location - in Chevy Chase, DC. You will receive the address when you RSVP.  

Virginia Blue Wave 2019  

Virginia has elections every year - yes, every year - because their gubernatorial and state legislative races are in off years, 2017, 2019...  Our friends with Virginia Blue Wave 2019 have identified 20 Delegate   districts and six State Senate districts that Democrats need to hold or flip in 2019 to finally win a majority in the VA State legislature.  They have created an easy way for you to make a monthly contribution to help flip VA blue.  Here's the link where you can make a monthly donation of $16, $32, or more, starting today.  Please be a good neighbor and support our friends in Virginia.        

A Big Reach Senate Candidate Worth Supporting Now - Mike Espy for Mississippi  

NOPE is not involved in Senate races this year.  However, we work closely with 31st Street Swing Left, for advice on targeting candidates, and they have made a case for the importance supporting Mike Espy for Senate in Mississippi.  The Senate is so incredibly important and the current balance is 51-49 in favor of the Republicans.  There are good prospects to pick up 2-3 seats in AZ, NV, and TN, but several Democratic seats are highly vulnerable.  Winning Mississippi could make all the difference!  Here is the complete list of Senate races and the link to support Mike Espy's campaign through 31st Street Swing Left.    

Neighbors Rising - Helping our Immigrant Families -  Book Drive

This is the 1st anniversary book drive for Identity’s after school program for 3rd and 4th graders.  There's a Neighbors Rising book wish list online at Politics & Prose at  The goal  is to collectively purchase 25 copies of each of 10 titles.  You can ship the books to Identity at 414 East Diamond Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 or order them for store pickup and a Neighbors Rising representative will pick them up approximately once a week.  Neighbors Rising wants to expand its members so they can continue to send the message that people in our greater DC-metro area embrace and support our immigrant neighbors who are made more vulnerable by the increase in anti-"other" sentiments.  With that in mind, buy a few books AND get five others to buy books too!  

Racial Justice Working Group

Our Racial Justice Working Group has been involved in educating ourselves about the history and current issues facing our African American neighbors. Convened after one of our neighbors was arrested for partying-while-black, working group members continue to learn and develop an action plan. To join this group, email Jean Simons at

Maryland Governor’s Race, Flip it Blue

Ben Jealous is a civil rights leader, community organizer, investor, educator, former investigative journalist and a Rhodes Scholar who has spent his life bringing people together to get big things done. 

Susie Turnbull has held leadership positions in government, business, non-profits and politics for over 40 years creating opportunities for everyday people to access their government. 

Ben and Susie are running against incumbent Ben Hogan to reclaim the Promise of Maryland, which includes once again making Maryland's public schools the best in the nation, building an economy that works for everyone, and making healthcare more affordable.  Their bold agenda includes creating tuition-free public college, creating a Medicare-for-all system, and ending mass incarceration. 

To learn more about Maryland Governor/ Lt. Gov. Candidates Ben Jealous and Susan Turnbull and to contribute to their campaign go to:   

Fly Your Own Trump Baby Balloon

“Baby” versions of England’s Trump Baby Balloons are starting to appear for sale on Amazon. Let’s stock up on them so we’ll all have our own balloon to fly when the right moment arrives! Will that be the day the Blue Wave takes over the U.S. House? The day Mueller releases his report? Impeachment day? All three??? 

Here are two options on Amazon (although they are made by the same company). Both are made using Aluminum film and after inflation are about 19.6 inches (widest) x 23.6 inches (highest) or approximately 1/10 of the original.  It looks like bulk prices might be available. Let’s discuss this at our August meeting! 

1.  Presale Baby Trump Baby Party Balloons - $19.99

2.  Trump Baby World Trip Party Balloon - $18.99