NOPE Neighbors Meeting - July 23, 2018


With Justice Kennedy stepping down and the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as his replacement, some days it's just hard to keep up the good fight.  But despair is not an option. Reclaiming our democracy starts with flipping the US House in the midterm to restore decency to our national agenda.  The only option is to turn anxiety and frustration into action.  That's what we'll be doing, as always, at our next NOPE meeting, July 23, 6:30 - 8:30 in Chevy Chase, DC.  Here's the link to RSVP 

Draft Agenda

  • VA Is For Democracy Lovers - Our campaign to support 4 competitive women US House candidates in VA. Update & next steps
  • Giving Circle support for US House candidates: Progress to date, candidate(s) for this coming month,  discussion
  • Canvassing in PA10 for George Scott  (Northeast PA) and in VA 
  • Racial Justice Working Group 
  • Neighbors Rising for immigrant families 
  • NOPE in YOUR Neighborhood - Let's spread the word 

Updates Since the Last Meeting

Virginia Is For Democracy Lovers  -  4 Outstanding US House Women Candidates Need Your Support Now

For the month of June and July NOPE is supporting 4 outstanding Virginia women running in flippable districts through our Virginia Is For Democracy Lovers fundraising campaign.  Please give now at this link. This donation will be divided among 4 candidates so please give accordingly. If you are member of our Giving Circle, please make your July donation if you have not yet done so. We are dedicating 2 months of donations to VA Is for Democracy Lovers because we are supporting 4 candidates. Here's the donation link.

Background information: Of the 23 seats needed to flip the U.S. House from red to blue,  4 of the seats considered “flippable” seats are in Virginia. If Democrats Want to Retake the House They Need to Win Big in Virginia. As this analysis by Vox explains, Virginia ranks just a notch below California and Pennsylvania among the crucial states for Democrats to get a majority. Our candidates are:  Elaine Luria, a retired naval commander running in the 2nd Congressional District (CD), where she would represent the Norfolk-area naval establishment; Leslie Cockburn, an acclaimed journalist running in the  5th CD, which includes Charlottesville, the site of the white supremacy march; Abigail Spanberger, running in the 7th CD, a former CIA operations officer who is taking on David Brat, the ultra-conservative who upset Eric Cantor; and Jennifer Wexton, a well regarded VA state senator running against Barbara Comstock in Northern Virginia’s 10th  CD, where so many of our VA 2017 state candidates won.  More information can be found here.

Canvassing & Training July 22 and beyond

We have worked closely with Swing Left 31st Street and J Walkers Action Group on prior campaigns, now we are taking the next step and will be coordinating our canvassing with each other.  We are thrilled that Carol Krafka, an active member of our NOPE crew, has generously agreed to take the lead on coordinating our canvassing efforts.  NOPE Neighbors will be managing canvassing launches that leave from Upper NW, DC at and near the Friendship Heights metro stop.  Consider attending training if you have not canvassed before, even if you don't plan to canvass on Sat, July 22.  It will be a good way to see what's involved in canvassing and get yourself ready for our big push after Labor Day.  

Canvassing for George Scott, PA 10*  on Saturday, July 22

Training at 9:00 am, in Chevy Chase, DC.

Depart: 10:00 AM. Return by 6:00pm

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Sign-ups: Carol Krafka ( Email:  1) your name, 2) your cell #, 3) whether you can offer a ride OR need a ride, and 4) whether you would like to have a canvassing partner. A short training session will be offered near Friendship Heights metro before cars depart. New canvassers can be paired with an experienced partner

Here's a list of upcoming canvasses being organized by NOPE, J Walkers and Swing Left 31st Street. There's no calendar for August. So rest up, we're gonna be busy in September and October mostly for our VA candidates.

More Canvassing

No need to wait for NOPE or any other group to lead a canvassing effort. Canvassing is a great way put your frustration to good use and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how interesting the experience is. People are pleasant 99% of the time.  Google the VA candidate's office and sign up for a canvass -- Jennifer Wexton is the closest in N. Virginia, but Elaine Luria, Abigail Spanberger, and Leslie Cockburn all have offices that can be reached within about a 2.5 hour drive. Every vote will matter in the midterm elections.