June 18, 2018 NOPE Meeting Notes


Virginia is for Democracy Lovers, Canvassing Opportunities, Personal Pitches.....

Here’s a summary of the meeting and some post-meeting updates.  Our next NOPE meeting will be Monday evening, July 23.

Giving Circle support for US House candidates 

For June and July, our Giving Circle is all about Virginia Is For Democracy Lovers.  It's time to flip the VA Congressional delegation and pick up at least 4 seats toward the 24 seats we need to flip the U.S. House. This article gives you the lay of the land in VA:  If Dems Want to Win the House They Need to Win Big in VA.  Here are the four Virginia candidates we are supporting:

  • Elaine Luria, a retired naval commander running in the 2nd Congressional District (CD), where she would represent the large Norfolk-area naval establishment;
  • Leslie Cockburn, an acclaimed journalist running in the  5th CD, which includes Charlottesville, the site of the white supremacy march, and many rural counties;
  • Abigail Spanberger, running in the 7th CD, is a former CIA operations officer who is taking on David Brat, the ultra-conservative who upset Eric Cantor; and
  • Jennifer Wexton, a well-regarded VA state senator, is running against Barbara Comstock in the Northern Virginia’s 10th District, where so many of our VA 2017 state candidates won.  

We provided additional information about each candidate at the meeting, which you can read here.

When you give to the Giving Circle, your single donation will be split evenly among the 4 races. HERE'S THE LINK.

Your donation can be multiplied many times over through our peer-to-peer email effort.  For more information and materials send a note to NopeNeighbors@gmail.com. 

Canvassing Opportunities

Barbara Comstock (VA10, Northern VA) is considered among the most vulnerable members of Congress, her district voted for Hillary, Governor Northam won there,  and most of the state legislative challengers in her district won. 

We're joining the Blue Wave VA10/40 Flip Canvass to knock on doors in the part of the 10th Congressional District that also overlaps the 40th House of Delegates district where Donte Tanner lost by 99 votes.  We need him to win there next year to take the majority in the VA House of Delegates.  

When:  June 30th, 10:00 - 5:00.  If going from upper NW DC, we'll leave at 9:00 am and be back by 3:00 pm
Where: Campaign Office at 5618 Ox Rd, Fairfax Station, VA 22039
RSVP: If going from Upper NW DC RSVP to Carol Krafka, at ckrafka@gmail.com.  She can help with carpooling and pick-ups at the Friendship Heights Metro (at Booeymonger). If you're going directly to VA RSVP here:  https://actionnetwork.org/events/blue-wave-1040-flip-canvass

George Scott, Pennsylvania 10 (Northeast PA):  There will also be opportunities to canvass for George Scott....more information later.

NOPE in YOUR Neighborhood 

We talked about how we can spread the word about NOPE and our Giving Circle to friends, family, and acquaintances, including the idea of NOPE members holding small gatherings to introduce their friends to NOPE and the NOPE Giving Circle.  We also discussed working to expand the diversity of NOPE members.  

Family Separation Action Steps

Here's a link describing action steps you can take in response to the family separation and detention nightmare that's happening now.   It's from Barbara Woodall with Common Good in Bethesda.  These are important actions we can take right now.  Also, on June 30th there are marches planned all across country including in Washington, DC.  For more information go to the Families Belong Together website.  

Racial Justice Working Group

Our next meeting will be held in July.  Topic TBD. If interested in learning more about this project send an email to jeansimons@gmail.com. 

Neighbors Rising to help our immigrant neighbors

Jeannie Engel talked briefly about Neighbors Rising's goals.  She also shared the following information from one of her client groups, Identity, about the June 30 rally for for immigrants and against the Administration's latest assault on migrants, asylum seekers and dreamers.

1.  Call the White House - 202-456-1111 - or email https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/. Tell President Trump to ensure humane immigration policies for the protection of migrants, asylum seekers, Dreamers and TPS holders.
2.  Call Congress - 202-224-3121 - or email via and https://www.house.gov/ and https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm. Tell Congress to ensure humane immigration policies for the protection of migrants, asylum seekers, Dreamers and TPS holders.
3.  Get involved. Join the Identity community and attend the nationwide protest planned for June 30th.  The main demonstration is scheduled from 11 am to 2 pm at Lafayette Square in Washington DC. Click here for details and to find June 30th events planned around the country.
4.  Educate yourself. We know the escalating anti-immigrant sentiments and actions are dizzying  and hard to keep track of.  These organizations provide current information on what is happening and how you can help: 
• United We Dream
• Families Belong Together
• Neighbors Rising

Personal Pitch Page

We are not an endorsing organization beyond our Giving Circle picks.  If you have donated $50 or more  to three of our monthly picks, you can send a Personal Pitch to our NOPE list.  We'll compile a group of these Personal Pitches for Nope-sters once a month (or so) with the disclaimer that these are Personal Pitches from active members of our Giving Circle, not NOPE endorsements.  Your pitch should have no more than 100 words and include URLs and relevant contact information.  It will be subject to the discretion of our Kitchen Cabinet.  

Our most recent pitches include:

Support Local Democracy With a Small “D,” Event  
Monday, June 25, 6-8pm in NE DC (Brookland neighborhood) 
Please come support Trailblazers PAC, a non-partisan organization which recruits, trains, and endorses candidates who run for office at the county level and below on a platform of transparency and clean government and who meet strict financial disclosure rules.  In 2017 it endorsed candidates from five different parties in New York and Pennsylvania. Trailblazers offers workshops for candidates covering good government principles, the nuts and bolts of setting up and running a campaign, communicating with the media and using social media, and how to merge messaging and fundraising.  It provides campaign financing to those candidates whom it endorses.  Address provided upon request. 
RSVP to Laurie Sherman – laurabsherman@yahoo.com.  

Jess King for PA11, June 26 event  
Jess King, PA 11 ( https://jesskingforcongress.com ) is running a progressive grassroots campaign in a redrawn PA district against GOP incumbent Lloyd Smucker. She ran uncontested in the primary and drew a surprisingly strong turnout due to tireless canvassing, and has received many endorsements including one from Bernie Sanders. Jess, who is located in nearby Lancaster County –  2.5 hours from DC –  can use feet on the ground and donations now!  

Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/JessKinginDC.  You can meet Jess on Tuesday, June 26 at a 5:30-8pm DC Happy Hour Event! For details and to RSVP go here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jess-king-for-congress-pa-11-colony-club-dc-june-26-530-8-pm-registration-46861974427?aff=JessKingColonyClub  For more information contact Carol Krafka at ckrafka@gmail.com. 

Liz Watson, Congressional candidate for IN-9

Liz Watson is  running an incredibly strong campaign in IN-09, and just won a three-way primary with 66% of the vote.  Liz is a workers' rights attorney and a fifth generation Hoosier.  Polling by GQR in May shows that Liz is down only 5 points. For more than 40 years this was a Democratic seat and this is our year to take it back.  Liz has out raised her opponent three quarters in a row without taking a dime of corporate PAC money.  Liz is supported by 35 labor unions, Emily's List, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, the Indivisibles and SwingLeft in her district.  Please support her now at:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/jodie4lizin9. For more information contact:  Jodie Levin-Epstein at jodielevinepstein@gmail.com 

Earlier pitches focused on the DC primary and included:

Kim R. Ford for DC Congressional Delegate #1 on the Ballot

Kim R. Ford is running against Eleanor Holmes Norton, who has been our delegate for 27 years.  It’s time for a fresh approach to the DC-Congress relationship, and Kim R. Ford will deliver.  Kim is dynamic, thoughtful, and gets things done.  She focuses on what the delegate can do rather than what she can’t do.  Based on her experience working at the intersection of federal and state/local policy, she has a plan to accomplish a lot, including:  ensuring that Congress understands DC’s needs and achievements, expanding DC residents’ access to federal assistance, and moving towards statehood.  Learn more at her website - www.kimrford4congress.com. For more information contact Joanna Pratt at prattsamuels@gmail.com 

Ed Lazere for City Council Chair

The Washington Post calls the race for DC Council Chair "the marquee race".   As the founder and Executive Director of the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, Ed has led efforts to win a higher minimum wage, more affordable housing, more resources for high-poverty schools and paid family and medical leave.   As our city has grown and thrived many people are being left behind. The racial wealth gap is staggering -- the median net worth for black DC households is $3,500, compared with $284,000 for white households. Ed understands how policy can be used as a tool to reverse this trend. Attached is a compare and contrast between Ed Lazere and  Phil Mendelson. For more information contact Helen LaCroix helenhoguet@gmail.com                     

Ward 3 Blue Wave Democrats - Democratic State Committee Slate  

I (Debra)  worked with Beau Finley and Elizabeth Mitchell  last year in Virginia. They have a fantastic model to refocus the DC Democratic Committee on electing Democrats in GOP-controlled districts around the country  to end GOP gerrymandering.  They plan to take their model from Ward 3 to show that the Democratic Party can work with grassroots organizations to elect Democrats, rather than taking a top-down approach. For more information, go to www.ward3bluewave.com.  Attached is a one-pager with additional details.  For more information contact  Debra Fried Levin at dflevin15@gmail.com.  

DumpTrump-Dems4Action - Democratic State Committee Slate

Dump Trump - Dems4Action is  a group of more than 40 progressive community leaders and organizers running for DC Democratic State Committee, aka party leadership. Dump Trump Dems believe party leaders need to take action around local issues, proposing bold solutions to DC's affordable housing crisis and addressing the huge inequities in our schools and neighborhoods. The State Committee should be mobilizing DC Democrats to support progressive Dems running for Congress in other jurisdictions. That's the only way we'll ever win DC more autonomy or statehood. DumpTrump will be next to all of their names on the ballot. Learn more at: https://demsforaction.nationbuilder.com  For more information contact Debra Fried Levin at dflevin15@gmail.com 

Poor People’s Campaign Rally (June 23) Needs Volunteers. Training on June 20

DC Local Ambassadors is proud to partner with Rev. Dr. William Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis on the Poor People's Campaign. Sign up to volunteer and attend one of our upcoming trainings → Training Details:  Wednesday, June 20, 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO

501 3rd St. NW, Washington, DC 20001