NOPE Meeting - June 18, 2018

Please join us at our meeting this Monday, June 18 at 6:30 p.m. at Debra's house in Chevy Chase, DC. 

Here's the agenda:   

  • Giving Circle support for US House candidates:  Progress to date, candidate(s) for this coming month, discussion
  • Canvassing opportunities:  VA 10 (Dump Comstock) and PA10 for George Scott (Northeast PA)
  • Personal Pitch Page: If you've given to three of our Nope Giving Circle requests, you can make a pitch for your favorite candidate(s) on our "Pitch Page."
  • NOPE in YOUR Neighborhood:  How to spread the word about NOPE and our Giving Circle to friends, family, and acquaintances
  • Racial Justice working group
  • Neighbors Rising to help our immigrant neighbors   

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