April 23, 2018 NOPE Meeting Notes

NOPE NEIGHBORS April 23, 2018 Meeting Notes

Elaine Luria, Skyping with our Next Candidate – Angie Craig, Get-Out-The-Vote Phone Bank for the Arizona Special Election, and More…

We had another great meeting on Monday.  Here’s a meeting summary and some post-meeting updates.

Accomplishments Since Our Last Meeting

  • Many NOPE members attended the March for Our Lives on March 24, and 15 volunteered to register voters during the march.
  • We wrote and mailed 880 voter registration postcards to voters in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
  • On April 7, four NOPE members canvassed with Donte Tanner in Clifton, Virginia (Congressional District #10) to help identify Democratic supporters in preparation for the November election.  This is Barbara Comstock’s district and also the district where Donte Tanner lost his bid for the VA House of Delegates by less than 100 votes.
  • We raised $4,300 for Congressional candidate Elaine Luria (Virginia 2nd District).

Giving Circle

As of our meeting, forty-four NOPE members had joined our Giving Circle, pledging a total of $3,100 per month. We discussed how to increase the amounts pledged for our selected candidate each month. We agreed that Debra and Joanna will provide introductory text and a one-page summary of the monthly Giving Circle candidate that members can send to their friends and relatives when asking for their support. We also talked about successes we’ve had when we describe our Giving Circle during every-day conversations with friends. We decided to restart our existing NOPE Twitter account - @NopeDC – more information will be coming soon!

We Skyped with our May Giving Circle Candidate, Angie Craig, who is running for U.S. House in Minnesota’s District 2, south of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The district typically leans Republican but is now considered a toss-up because Angie is such a strong candidate.  She ran for the seat in 2016 but narrowly lost. We learned about her progressive positions on a full range of issues, about her wife and four sons, and her passion for service to the people of her district and to our country. She is quite a dynamo and told us that she was excited to talk to NOPE because she loves the idea that she is being supported by Mike Pence's former neighbors!   She said she can't wait to win her election, go to Congress, and introduce herself - along with her wife and four kids - to Pence. Check out our one-pager and her website for more information.

Neighbors Rising

Remember that the Latin American Youth Center’s 50-year anniversary Gala is on Thursday, May 10th starting at 5:00 p.m. at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.  You can purchase tickets at www.layc-dc.org/gala2018.  If you would like, please send Jeannie your name and the name(s) of your guests for whom you’ve purchased tickets so she can ask LAYC to create Neighbors Rising tables for us.  Also, if you would like to purchase a ticket for one of the Young Neighbors Rising people (most recently, they led the soccer equipment campaign), please let Jeannie know (at EngelAssociates@att.net) and she’ll send you one of their names.  This is a lovely way to thank them and further encourage their leadership in helping neighbors in need. 

Racial Justice Working Group

The next meeting of the Education subgroup will be Monday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m. at Jean Simons home.  We’ll be discussing the movie 13th by filmmaker Ava DuVernay. It explores the history of racial inequality in the United States, focusing on the fact that the nation's prisons are disproportionately filled with African-Americans.  Please watch the movie before the meeting!  It’s available on Netflix.

Get Out the Vote Phone Banking

Many NOPE members stayed after the business portion of the meeting to make phone calls reminding Arizona voters in Congressional District #8 (Phoenix suburbs) to vote in the April 24 special election. Democrat Hiral Tipirneni, an emergency room doctor, ran against former Arizona state senator Debbie Lesko. Lesko won by only 5.2% points in a district that supported Trump in 2016 by more than 20 points.