Blue Wave VA - Day of Action: April 7, 2018

Join NOPE and other local groups for a Day of 

"Blue Wave" canvassing 


Help us identify Democratic supporters in preparation for the November election and for  beating Barbara Comstock in the tenth U.S. Congressional District!!  This is also the district where Donte Tanner lost his bid for the VA House of Delegates by less than 100 votes.

In Virginia, voters do not register by party, so a first step in canvassing is to identify Democratic voters so that future campaigning can focus on these folks.  We will do on-the-ground identification (not persuasion!) canvassing with the goal of identifying residents who are strong Democrats or lean Democratic but whose voting preferences are labelled “unknown” or “no data.”  

We are being asked to use the MiniVAN app for this day of canvassing, so please bring a smart phone. It is not hard to download the app and use it. They will show us how.

We'll meet at 6108 Union Springs Lane, Clifton, VA.  Here's the schedule:

8:30 am -  Meet to carpool in Upper NW DC at the Friendship Heights Metro stop or at Debra’s house.  If you don’t want to carpool, meet us out in Clifton at 9:15 am.

9:15 am - 10:00 am - Training on canvassing list and Minivan app.  Meet at: 6108 Union Springs Lane, Clifton, VA 20124 (in Donte Tanner’s district)

10:00 am - 1:00 pm - Canvass (we’ll pair people up with partners, if interested)

 1:15 pm - Optional Lunch (we’ll find a local restaurant that can take a larger group)

After lunch, head home or continue with a second canvassing shift (or skip the sit-down lunch, if you’d prefer to keep canvassing or return home earlier – whatever works!)



Upper NW, DC:   Debra Fried Levin,

In VA: Luke Levasseur, & Lori Boerner,