NOPE Meeting Notes - September 24, 2018

Here's a way to respond to the Kavanaugh hearings besides fuming: Be part of the Blue Wave.  We can flip House - in fact we just gotta flip the House and reclaim at least one lever of power.  There are now only 35 days until the midterm election, let's make them count.  We can't be complacent.  You don't have to have been at our meeting last week to take part in any or all of the action steps that follow.  Please give generously, canvass often, ask others to join you, and repeat.  

We hope you can join us at our next meeting on Monday, October 22, RSVP here. 

P.S. Here's a link to our meeting email "hand-outs" and the videos we saw about our candidates.   

TO-DO list from our meeting:

  1. NOPE's Give for Democracy 6 Candidates - Please give now

We are now focused on supporting 6 outstanding candidates who are running strong campaigns, in flippable districts, where our donations can make a difference now. Our candidates are: Lauren Underwood, IL4; Amy McGrath, KY6; Sean Casten, IL6; Antonio Delgado, NY19; Kara Eastman, NE2; and Gina Ortiz Jones, TX23.  Here's a link to a one-page description of the 6 candidates

Your next steps are: 

1) Donate now to our Give for Democracy candidates at this link.  Your single donation will be divided among the 6 candidates so please donate generously.

2)  Multiply your donation many times over by joining our crew of Fabulous Flipping Fundraisers who have so far raised $111,000 for 10 US House candidates How did they do it?  By emailing  friends and family. Rarely does anyone say no, they just ignore your email - and often they respond generously. Your friends and family are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, you are helping them be strategic and effective in their giving. Here's all you need to get it done: 

a)  This link is your email draft text. Adapt it freely, make it authentic, and get it out asap.  A list of helpful hints follow and here are a few do's and don'ts.   If you'd like a personal ActBlue link for this effort, request one from Debra  at  

Send a personal email (Dear NAME) to at least 5 people. You should get a 20-50% response. This is the best way to do email fundraising. The more you send, the better the response. 
Blast it to a larger list (Dear Family and Friends) but expect a 1-5% response.
Post a note and the ACTBlue link on social media.  Don't expect much of a response but follow up with an email to those who like it.  

b) If you like to join our Fabulous Flipping Fundraiser crew, please go to this link, answer a few questions and we'll send you everything you need to get started.  

c) If you have ANY questions, give me a holler, I'm here to help, Debra -

2. Strategic Giving 

NOPE selects its candidates based on good data, candidate research, and strategic decision making on where our donations can have the greatest impact.  We encourage you to be an informed political donor to NOPE supported candidates and others too.  Please give now, give generously, and give wisely.   

NOPE's Flipping Fifteen -- These are all the candidate NOPE is supporting this election cycle.   

60+ Flippable US House Races  -  This is a spreadsheet of all the data that NOPE uses for strategic political giving.

Key Senate Races - NOPE is focused on flipping the US House. But some believe there's a glimmer of hope for flipping the Senate. We encourage you to support Swing Left 31st Street's Senate efforts.

3. Canvassing - Every vote will matter. Canvassing is effective.  Join us in making sure every one of our voters goes to the polls on November 6th.  

NOPE led and Other Selected Canvass Opportunities

Sign-up form for:

Saturday, October 6, Canvass for Leslie Cockburn and

Monday, October 8 Canvassing Training in Chevy Chase, DC

Persuasion Canvassing - A 22 min. Training video produced by Swing Left 31st Street

A Guide to Canvassing - Why and How To Do It

4. Postcards  

If you have completed your Get out The Vote for Spanberger postcards from the last meeting, please return them to Debra's back porch or let Joanna know so she can get them from you We still have 90 addresses left, so if you'd like to write postcards from home, please contact Joanna (

If you want to host your own postcard party, go to to get started. Joanna can also give you some guidance once you've decide to host a party.

 5. Neighbors Rising for our immigrant families  

Through Neighbors Rising, we remind our young neighbors and their families, that the DC-MD community cares about those who have been made more vulnerable by the increase in anti-immigrant and anti-“other" sentiments.  Please see this week’s Washington Post editorial for another fresh reminder of Neighbors Rising’s importance.  Help raise the volume of our message by:  

  • Joining the Neighbors Rising list serve.  Contact Jeannie Engel directly at with questions, ideas and your request to join. You can learn more at  

  • Helping right now by supporting the Latin American Youth Center's upcoming events: 

    • Breakfast for Heroes on October 18 - here's the link  and their  

    • 10K or Marine Corps Marathon team - Support a youth runner at this link    

6. Racial Justice Work Group

Meetings are held in Chevy Chase, DC. RSVP for information on the next meeting. For information about the history and structure of this effort, check out this link to the Racial Justice Working Group Update. Our goal is to create a multi-racial group to fight against racial injustice locally.

7. Spread the Vote  

This is another way to help our voters vote. Spread The Vote obtains government-issued photo IDs for eligible voters. They help voters get the IDs they need for job, housing, voting, and more 365 days a year PLUS Election Day. There are currently active chapters in Northern Virginia. For more information go to: