Contribute to Conor Lamb's Special Election Campaign

The issue: 

At our January 22nd meeting, NOPE decided to support Conor Lamb in the March 13 special election for the Pennsylvania 18th Congressional district (southwest and southeast of Pittsburgh). Conor Lamb (D) is running against Rick Saccone (R), a state representative who aligns with Trump (Trump and Pence are campaigning for him). The seat was vacated by Tim Murphy, a pro-life Republican who resigned after he impregnated his staffer and then asked her to have an abortion. This race will be an uphill battle to win, but there is a lot of energy around Lamb and a January 22 poll found him to be only three points behind!

Here's what you can do:


2.  After you've made your donation, please forward a copy of your email receipt to  We would like to keep a record of how much NOPE members contribute so we can document the power of grassroots support.  Your information is confidential. 

3.  Read the posts under Flip States Red to Blue to learn about other ways you can join us in supporting progressive candidates in the upcoming 2018 state and federal elections.