NOPE Neighbors Meeting


6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

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Draft Meeting Agenda  

1.  Turning Red to Blue:  

  • Pennsylvania 18th CD, Pittsburgh area  - Special Election March 13 -   Postcard writing, texting banking, canvassing, phoning, donating - Let's  consider the options.  This is the seat vacated by Tim Murphy, the so-called pro-life Republican who resigned in disgrace after he impregnated his staffer and then asked her to get an abortion. Conor Lamb (D) is running against Rick Saccone (R), a state representative who aligns with Trump. Pence and t plan to campaign there.  Although this district is Red, there is a lot of energy around Lamb. This is an uphill battle but a win would be a great start to the march toward the 24 seats needed to flip the US House.
  • State Legislative Races.  Gerrymandering is still a problem and state legislatures will redraw congressional district lines in 2021. Moving the balance of power to Democrats in the states remains a high priority. There are many opportunities in PA and other states. We'll learn more about how we can help there. The PA primary is May 15.
  • Congressional Races.  VA has at least 2 seats, and perhaps more,  that are considered flippable from red to blue. The leading two are:  Barbara Comstock (R), CD 10, Northern Virginia and Scott Taylor (R), CD 2, Newport News, Virginia Beach. The primary is June 12.  And there are a bunch of flippable seats in PA around the Philadelphia area that we may be able to help with.  

2.  Racial Justice Working Group: Their meeting is on Sunday, January 21 from 3:00 - 5:00 in Chevy Chase, DC   All are welcome. This will be the second meeting of this group and open discussion will continue. There will also be conversation about focusing the goals of the group, specifically on topics to explore and kinds of advocacy or action to take.  RSVP to Jean Simons at for the address.

3.  Neighbors Rising:  Update on what was done for our immigrant neighbors over the holidays and what's next.

4.  DC Self-Rule: What's happening with Congress' efforts to undermine our home-rule.

5.  Climate Change: How we can have an impact here

6.  Herd on the Hill:  How, as DC residents, we can help constituents around the country effectively communicate with their Members of Congress?.