Action Agenda: Flip from Red to Blue

Flip from Red to Blue

The Issues:

We need to flip the country from red to blue at the local, state, and federal levels:

  1. State elections: The Republicans are in control of our state governments - 33 governors and 71 state legislative bodies are Republican.
    • House elections: The 2018 House elections are the next best chance to regain power in Congress.
    • There are 52 Swing Districts - where the last election was won by 15% of the vote or less. We need to win 80% (41 districts) of all Swing Districts to take back the House.
  2. If we win all 17 Democratic-held Swing Districts, we need to flip 24 of the remaining Republican districts.
  3. Redistricting: After the 2010 Census, the Republicans successfully gerrymandered Congressional and state legislative districts, putting Democrats at a major disadvantage. In 2021, states will redraw their Congressional and state legislative lines. We need a comprehensive redistricting strategy.
  4. Senate and Local elections: these are also important!

Potential Actions:

This work group will get involved in local, state, and federal elections to help flip them from red to blue.

  1. Organize and conduct door-to-door canvassing for state and House elections in nearby states.
  2. Ask our friends and relatives in swing states to get involved in key campaigns.
  3. Make campaign donations (e.g., Jon Ossoff, running for Congress in GA).
  4. Join existing national groups that are working on flipping states from red to blue and identify other ways to volunteer our time.


  1. Flippable ( provides well-researched advice on which state elections to focus on and when. Its focus in 2017 is on Virginia, North Carolina, and New Jersey gubernatorial and state legislature elections. All three states are close enough to DC for us to get involved relatively easily.
  2. Swing Left ( Swing Left focuses on House elections. They are sponsoring three action items: 1) Swing Left house parties (held this past weekend), 2) conducting research on swing district issues, and 3) talking to voters in your swing district. For the last item, Swing Left has partnered with Knock Every Door (see below).
  3. Knock Every Door ( Started by former Bernie Sanders staffers, this group is conducting nationwide, door-to-door campaigns - "deep canvassing" - to start conversations with voters and non-voters. The idea is that long, open-ended conversations can help change people’s minds, and are a good way to gain a better understanding of why some Obama voters didn’t vote this year or voted for Trump.
  4. Sister District project ( This group will team us up with a swing congressional district, state legislature, or other strategically important race.  
  5. National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) ( Eric Holder’s group is building a targeted, state-by-state redistricting strategy.