Action Agenda: Fight for DC Home Rule

The Issues:

  1. Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Government Reform Committee, is on the warpath to reverse D.C. laws and voter-approved initiatives. This includes DC's Sanctuary City status, the new death with dignity law, and abortion rights, school voucher, and gun laws.
  2. Jason Chaffetz is up for reelection in 2018.
  3. Mayor Muriel Bowser, Chairman Phil Mendelson, and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced a petition to Congress for DC Statehood. We are far from achieving DC Statehood but it is the ultimate way to stop Congressional meddling in local affairs.

Potential Actions:

  1. Keep close watch on what Chaffetz and his committee are doing. We need to let him know it is not okay to interfere with DC home rule, and to be ready to mobilize whenever he, his committee, or other MoCs raise these issues. For example, we can:
    • Keep tabs on DC issues and take immediate action as needed (send emails, post on FB, ask friends and relatives to write their MoC, advertise and attend rallies).
    • Join HandsOffDC (
    • Ask a HandsOFFDC representative to come to a NOPE meeting and discuss how we can get involved.
    • Attend the upcoming HandsOFFDC training session on Monday, March 27 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Northeast Branch Library at 7th St NE and Maryland Ave NE. RSVP at the Facebook Event  (
    • Check for future HandsOFFDC trainings. Next up will be a session on how to write letters to the editors and op-eds in local newspapers, including how to target local newspapers in pivotal congressional districts.
    • Call Speaker Paul Ryan and ask him to stand with the 680,000 residents of the District and support our right to control our local affairs. Ask your friends and relatives to do the same (202-225-3031;  
  2. Work to beat Chaffetz in his 2018 Congressional race.
    • Join Americans for Self-Rule PAC
      • Sign up to receive updates
      • Volunteer
      • Offer support in researching the candidates who will likely be opposing Chaffetz - Damien Kidd and Evan McMullin
      • Donate money to the PAC to put pressure on Chaffetz and his allies
      • Ask your friends and relatives in Utah to call Chaffetz’s office.
  3. Fight for DC to become the 51st state.
    • Yes, we know there is NO WAY DC will become a state during the next four years! But if we keep the pressure on Congress, it can only help us win in the long run.
    • Follow Mayor Bower’s actions, work with HandsOFFDC statehood group, keep an eye out for DC statehood rallies


Americans for Self-Rule PAC: Started by DC residents (including one woman - Lynette Craig -  initially from Utah) working to protect the residents of Washington, DC from federal overreach. 

HandsOFFDC: Facebook page and Charles Allen, the Ward 6 Council Member who is heading this group

DC Values Playbook: Created by the DC mayor’s office, this document describes the ways the federal government can interfere with DC affairs through the legislative and budgetary processes.

DCist: a website about DC that often has useful local political stories. See, for example: Meet The New D.C. PAC Trying To Take Down Jason Chaffetz.