Action Agenda: NOPE Neighbors Network

This is a marathon - not a sprint - so we need to direct our time and resources for a sustained four-year fight. Here are a few thoughts on how to start.


We are uniquely situated in DC - lots of political knowledge and no Members of Congress (MoC).    


Create a network of friends and family around the country whom we can keep informed about the issues and actions needed, and encourage them to:   

  • Write letters, make calls, share on Facebook…
  • Allow us to stand in for them at meetings with Members of Congress in DC  
  • Deliver their letters directly to MoC offices
  • More…

From our March 6th meeting we got a serious reality check. We learned that contact with Republican MoCs who care about getting re-elected has the most impact.  Here’s a list of House Republican MoCs who won re-election AND their districts went with Clinton in ‘16. Move On’s target list of Senators for the Affordable Care Act fight is also included. See if there are people you know in these states and Congressional Districts who you can keep pushing information out to.  MoCs who live in purple states and flippable districts are more responsive to all their constituents because in the end the ONLY thing that matters and they care about MOST is getting re-elected.

It’s good to thank our Dem friends, so by all means do that,  but moving the needle requires moving Republicans.  And House members will be harder to move than Senators.

Organizing Tools:  

We are each now organizers of our personal networks.  Tools at our disposal are: emails, Facebook, the Nope Neighbors website, Mail Chimp, and more.


Check out the NOPE National Resources webpage for groups that are already capturing information about what needs doing and pushing it out to their networks (e.g., Indivisible groups, Women’s March Huddles, MoveOn, & Daily Action).    

The Plan:  

We’ll push information out to you that you can use and share with your network.  Stay tuned.


There are more than enough issues to tackle.  We are a neighborhood group happy to coalesce with others.  But we want to stay small and neighborhood-based so we can be nimble and responsive and not get bogged down in a cumbersome, large-group process.  So it’s up to you to decide what issue(s) you want to take the lead on, what role you want to play, and how to feed it back to us.  We’ve got some thoughts and loads of resources in our inboxes and on the website, but now is the time to push this beyond us -- Joanna and Debra -- and turn this into a NOPE Neighbors Network.  How do you want help?