Betsy DeVos Confirmation

These are challenging times as the tsunami of executive orders, confirmations, and other directives is coming at us fast and furiously - and it's only been three weeks. We need to remember that this is a marathon not a sprint; it's important to figure out which actions to take on so we can be effective and not burn out. Here's a quick "case-study" of what we did to fight the Betsy DeVos confirmation. It could serve as a model for our future legislative action as DC residents without a voting Member of Congress. And yes, we lost that fight but it did help us hone our tools for the next fight.  Here's how it played out:

  • Concerned neighbors Elly Greene and John Radner reached out to us to let us know they wanted to fight the DeVos confirmation. They are educators and are well tied into the education advocacy community.  We suggested they take the lead and they rose to the occasion. 
  • Elly shared us very specific actions and information that we could circulate,  including names and phone numbers of key senators. 
  • We then posted the information on the NOPE facebook page and on our personal FB pages. 
  • In our FB posts we tagged friends and family in the targeted states -- PA, NC & AZ  -- and asked them to follow Elly's instructions. 
  • This process went on for 3-4 days and I (Debra) had numerous friends and family members who let me know they had followed through and were appreciative of the information. 

Although we lost the fight by one vote, Senators Murkowski and Collins said they voted against DeVos because they received an overwhelming number of calls and letters.

Is there an issue you want to take the lead on feed into the NOPE network of concerned and active neighbors? Let us know!