Canvassing for Virginia

All eyes are finally on Virginia. 

Read the Washington Post article, National Democrats are Jittery About VA Governor's Race.

If we win in Virginia it sends a powerful message to trump and Congress that progressives are serious about winning at all levels. And if we lose, fill in whatever nightmare headline you want. So let’s get this done. Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) is key. Democrats have the majority of voters in VA, but will those voters turn out in an off-year, on a workday, with their picture ID, before 7 p.m.??? 

Canvassing is the most effective approach to GOTV. EVERY voter contact is critical.

If you’ve done it before now’s the time to do it again. 

If you haven’t canvassed and have concerns, here’s what a first-time canvasser who joined us wrote: "I had some trepidations about canvassing - knocking on doors is not my thing - but it was great. The group was organized, the instructions clear, but best of all was getting to talk to a range of people. No slammed doors and some fascinating conversations. I'm grateful for today - I did something to support my beliefs and am feeling pumped. Thank you."  

So now please sign up. Here's how: 

Nope Neighbors Canvass - We leave from Chevy Chase, DC on November 4, 5, 7.  Transportation is provided if needed.  To RSVP or for more information, go to  

Or, you can join other groups for canvassing. For example:

J Walkers Action Group: Leaving from all over Montgomery County on many different days

Ward 3 Democrats: Leaving from Northwest DC. October  Sat., 28 and Sun., 29 for Ralph Northam and Hala Ayala.

Mobilize America -  Find a campaign on your own, sign up and head on out.